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it stand on the floor. When it is on the wall, the mouse will have to touch the glue to reach the bait (usually a cookie or peanut butter), and if the mouse struggles, the glue trap will fall flat on the floor sticking on the mouse’s body. Use mouse poison. This is supposed to be a last resort solution. This is an effective way to get rid of mice, michael kors outlet but the disadvantage is that when the mice eat the poison, it will take a few minutes or hours before it takes effect. The mice will most likely die in Michael Kors handbags outlet the most odd places in the home, and you will only know it is dead when you start smelling the decomposing mice. When using mice poison, make sure there are no small children in the house, as well as house pets, as they Replica Michael Kors Handbags may also accidentally eat the poison, or they might be the ones to come across the dead mice and play with it. Cover the mouse entry points. Mice thrive outside the homes first, before they find their way in and make themselves comfortable. So it is important to inspect the house and see where the mice
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